18: The Being Behind the Buzzword

Let's talk about Embodiment, a buzzy word in our industry.

What does it *really* mean to embody?

2023 has been a big year for my business…

I doubled my rates from $15k to $30k – and renewed clients at my new rate.

I became fully booked – with a paid waitlist.

I created my first $100k cash month.

I had the chance to travel twice for my business: once to enjoy a VIP experience with my coach and once for the Life Coach School Mastermind to receive my $100k earner award.

I launched my first group coaching program of 2023: ICONIC COACH.

I navigated some really hard shit including broken contracts and internet trolls.

I launched my podcast and website.

My revenue increased from last year by 67%.

I hosted two in person events for my clients (something I said I would NEVER do).

I've worked with DREAM clients – and helped them create their own dreamy results.

I created so much success this year…

…and it was one of the hardest years yet for me.

The great fear I faced was “NOW I have something to lose.”

What did I have to embody to push through the fear to create the most amazing year in my business to date?

Listen to today's episode and then be sure to join my 5 Day Masterclass ICONIC EMBODIMENT to find out. Sign up here.

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And get rich with ease and style.

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