ICONIC Leader Podcast

with Sarah Plowman

34: Golden Problem 1: Internet Trolls

One of THE biggest things that holds coaches of any level back from exponential growth is worrying about what other…

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33: [CLIENT INTERVIEW 🤑] From 5 Year Hiatus to $12k with Sonia Brill

Sonia is an ICON. Over the past 15 years Sonia has built a very successful therapy practice, but couldn’t ignore…

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32: Take What Serves You, Leave The Rest

Does your coach always know what's best for your business? How do you balance being coachable with trusting yourself above…

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No Engagement, No Problem

Your ideal clients are ready to hire you. They may not be engaging with your content. They may not be…

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30: I Sell Because I Sell

I’ve sold $750k of coaching over the last three years because I SOLD $750k OF COACHING. But more importantly than…

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29: Time to Change Your Mind

It's time to change your mind. Because the truth is, as long as you are alive, some (or LOTS) of…

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