20: “Oh Lord, Please Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood”

The hardest part of running my business in 2023 may shock you.

It wasn't making nearly $400k cash.

It wasn't attracting high-ticket dream clients.

It wasn't getting fully booked with a $30k offer.

It wasn't launching my group program ICONIC Coach.

It wasn't helping my clients create incredible results.

It was...feeling misunderstood.

When I started my coaching business 3 years ago I was ignorance on fire – I had a nothing to lose and everything to prove to myself and the world.

And it worked.

Every single goal I set for myself I hit. Over and over.

With the success came attention.

More scrutiny.

More opportunities for people to disagree with me.

And along with that intense feelings of rejection and misunderstanding.

From my family…
My partner…
Internet trolls…
and even past clients.

It hurt. A lot. And for a long time.

I grappled with it, cried (a lot), melted down, picked myself up, felt it all over again, and emerged  safer in my body and more in love with myself, my process and my business.

In this episode I share how to love yourself through rejection, judgement and being misunderstood so that you continue to build your sustainable coaching business while treating yourself with the grace you deserve.


At the end of this episode I share the THREE ways to work with me in 2024. Make sure you're connected with me on IG so you don't miss out on any of the deets.

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