30: I Sell Because I Sell

I’ve sold $750k of coaching over the last three years because I SOLD $750k OF COACHING.

But more importantly than that, after 100s of consults I’ve developed a selling process that feels safe, expansive and empowering for both me and my clients.

And for the first time EVER, I’m going to teach you my exact method.

Because no matter how much you’ve sold, I know you’re ready to fall madly in love with selling.

You’re ready to love your consult process.

You’re ready to fully embody that selling is in service to your people.

And of course, you’re ready to get more yeses — and get PAID — from clients who are empowered and excited to work with you.

In this episode I’m sharing my most useful thoughts on selling like:

1. It’s not my job to show them the value of working with me on the consult. It’s my job to help them uncover if they want to work with me, why, and help them decide if anything will stop them from giving themselves what they want.

2. What’s meant for me won’t miss me.

3. Selling is the best way to help my people.

And because of these useful thoughts I create an expansive and empowering buying experiences for my clients who then get the coaching they desire to transform their business.

Win-win-win 😏🔥

Next week, I’m teaching you exactly how to love consults and selling. Inside my Telegram event, ICONIC Consults, I’m teaching you the mindset and energetics of empowering consults, my specific framework for consults that will help you love your consults process and get more yeses, questions to ask on consults to help your potential client reach clarity on working with you and handling “objections”. Join ICONIC Consults HERE.

In addition, I’m opening a VIP Voxer chat for a month where you can come in to evaluate your consults and get my feedback. Join ICONIC Consults Eval Voxer Chat HERE.

Ready to own embrace your ICON status? Head over to my website http://www.sarahplowmancoaching.com and download my free video “How to Sign 5 Figure Clients with Ease” and then apply for private mentorship.


And get rich with ease and style.

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