34: Golden Problem 1: Internet Trolls

One of THE biggest things that holds coaches of any level back from exponential growth is worrying about what other people will think.

And ironically this fear often intensifies after you've created initial success in your business.


Because now you have a brand, reputation and money that you brain would very much like to protect.

Suddenly the stakes are higher.

This is one of several Golden Problems (you know, the “good” problems that come from things actually working) you will inevitably experience as you succeed and grow. Over the next few podcast episodes we'll be exploring these Golden Problems and how to move through them.

Today’s episode is about one of the juiciest Golden Problems of all, and the one that sent me into an emotional tailspin for nearly a year: trolling.

After 3.5 years in business, I’ve been through a lot of heartbreak:

with coaches…
with clients…
with money…

… and most of all with other people’s opinions.

Everyone was routing for me when I started with nothing and was “on my way” to creating success.

… but when I started actually creating a lot of success? And creating it fast?

People started having very loud opinions.

Opinions that broke my heart and devastated my ego.

Opinions that had me questioning myself and what I wanted.

After a year of allowing myself to process, heal and then go through even more trolling, I have so much wisdom to share with you:

The best gift you can give yourself is to go through it.

To allow the heartbreak.

To come to the other side.


And with more certainty in exactly who you are and what you want. 

It gets to be so good… even through the heartbreak.

Ready to own embrace your ICON status? Head over to my website http://www.sarahplowmancoaching.com and download my free video “How to Sign 5 Figure Clients with Ease” and then apply for private mentorship.


And get rich with ease and style.

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