38: [CLIENT INTERVIEW πŸ€‘] 5x Results and Collapsing Time with Karen Gombault

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Karen is an ICON.

She left her very successful career as a corporate CEO to live out her dream of being a coach.

What allowed her to take this leap of faith? She knew without a doubt that her success was inevitable.

From that energy she hired me and got coached through the drama of transitioning her niche. The results started pouring in: she went from signing 1 client in 6 months to signing 5 clients in just 6 weeks.

Karen showed up and proved herself right… her success was inevitable 😏

Join this activating conversation where we talk about:

β€” The power of taking action even with the mind drama
β€” Allowing yourself to do what you truly want in your business
β€” Being self-confident while still experiencing doubt
β€” Confidently selling to someone who is already empowered
β€” The importance of hiring a mentor who's done what you desire to do

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And get rich with ease and style.

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